New Spearmint single

Our brand new single is coming out on 'Where It's At Is Where You Are' on 7th April 2018. You can pre-order it now click here!  The A-side is called 'Senseless (A Stranger)' and is a return to disco territory, with JB at the helm. The B-side 'The Music They Love Us To Hate' is your regular horrified Brexit Trump rant, and was also recorded recently in Brighton with JB. These tracks are the first fruits of our current writing - we're working on whatever it is that comes next. We have no plans for gigs in 2018... but do get in touch if you have an idea which could tempt us out!

If you're new here...

Spearmint are a London-based band. Our debut album was 'A Week Away' and our latest is 'It's Time To Vanish’. We're very proud of others which came out in between, like 'A Different Lifetime', 'Paris In A Bottle' and 'Shirley Lee'. We're not part of any scene or movement, we don't do cover versions, and we don't do encores. We are trying to make perfect Pop which means something, trying to capture bits of life and play them back to you in three minute bursts. We mostly fail, but sometimes we succeed and we'd love you to join our club. 

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