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Watch the brand new video for Spearmint's 'Someone's At The Door' from the new album 'It's Time To Vanish': here

'A Different Lifetime' Live!

Spearmint will play our album: 'A Different Lifetime' live in full for the first time ever on Monday 12th June 2017 at the Lexington in London.

This is the album we've been most proud of since its release, and we've always intended to come back to it, it's pretty much got a life of its own. Long term we'd like to perform the album on the South Bank, with animations, dancers and a full string section... oh, and maybe rain on the stage too.... that's not going to happen any time soon, but this is the first step towards it: playing the album live for the first time. 

In the words of Uncut Magazine: “Spearmint's second album proper is a flowering, a joy to behold. The 'fun' indie-poppers have carried off an extraordinarily ambitious concept: fifteen songs that chart the rise and fall of a romance, from early tentative tactical manoeuvres, through sweet surrender, to doubt and demise and an ultimate coming to terms. It has the courage to accept that love is finite, and to try to deal with that. All this with Bacharach-sweet tunes, a cameo set at a Flaming Lips gig, and an homage to the joys of Scottish pop. Any justice and it's album of the year.”  

The new Spearmint album 'It's Time To Vanish' is out now! Order your copy on vinyl, CD or digital here.


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